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Our History

A brief history of Kumla Traktorservice AB - K.T.S Maskiner AB

Kumla Traktorservice AB was founded in 1951 Göte Larsson. In 1997, his son Arne Larsson started a new company. This new company took the old name of Kumla Traktorservice AB and it is owned by Anders Johansson and Mikael Eriksson, a company that later has become part of Värmdal & Traktorservice AB and is now part of Green Deer.

The company started in 1951 changed its name in 1997 and is today called K.T.S Maskiner AB. This company was run by Arne Larsson from the 1980's until he sold it in 2020 to Andreas Nilsson. Through the years we have created a strong economical ground to stand on. K.T.S is short for Kumla TraktorService. That is why we call all our machines K.T.S.

Since 2001 many of our products, e.g. timber trailers and hydraulic cranes, are manufactured at our sister company in Lithuania, K.T.S Production.

We sell our machines/attachments in many countries, e.g. Sweden, Norway, Finland, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Italy. In Sweden we sell about 1,500 units a year directly to our customers without retailers making the products more expensive.

We use an annual 5 % of our turnover for developing new products. This enables us to introduce several new products every year.

All construction and development is done with SOLIDWORKS Professional in order to keep the high quality and so that we will easily be able to further develop our products.

All K.T.S machines are CE certified.

Business idea of K.T.S Maskiner

We will sell machines for farming and the contractors business. Our machines and services shall be faultless and be delivered on time for our customers.

The STRAIGHT LINE will offer our customers lower machine prices. This will be achieved by removal of all middlemen. Instead of this we make all our K.T.S machines ourselves or buy them directly from well-established manufacturers and sell directly to the customer. This way we cut costs and are able to keep a lower price on high-quality machines.

Our strategy

  • Our customers are our most important asset. With competitive products from leading suppliers,
    high quality, safe deliveries, customer care and a pleasant treatment, we want to create a long-term relation to our customers.

  • As a customer we want you to see us as your natural deliverer of machines. We want you to feel that we are engaged and available when you want to contact us. Co-operation with K.T.S Maskiner is supposed to be easy!

  • We want our customers to always feel welcome and valuable. Success is built on our customers' trust in us.

  • By regularly asking our customers in different ways, the K.T.S machines will be improved and developed according to our customers' desires. The result of their answers is the base for our decisions about new machines in our product range. The main object of the customer surveys is to help us become better at always helping the customer in the best possible way.

  • If a K.T.S machine breaks we will always treat the claim in a very quick and positive way.

We are K.T.S

Andreas Nilsson

CEO, Sales
+46 19 58 50

Daniel Järlebark

+46 19 58 50

Richard Persson

Spare parts
+46 19 58 50

Anne-Brith Andersson


Karen Karapetian

K.T.S Maskiner AB i Kumla
Sickelsta 116
692 93 KUMLA
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